editorial design

Editorial design is one interesting field that is combining our capabilities for clever compositions, editorial layout, and creative typography. At Imago Advertising, we guarantee a harmonious content of texts and images for a pleasant and easy appreciation of the users.

Designing magazines, books and newspapers is becoming really challenging as the digital is taking over most of the communications.

With the new digital devices, editorial design is re-emerging and exploring new horizons. In printing editorial, design principles cannot be literally applied or simply adapted, because even thought iPad magazines may look like print ones, they don’t behave like that. They need to be thought and designed specifically for digital requirements and usability. Traditional books reading experiences don’t work when we jump from page to page, having these devices an unnatural reading mode. Interactivity has to be thought properly and be used purposely and with functionality, instead of adding animations arbitrary. In addition, pages can be designed to fit both screen orientations (portrait and horizontal). In opposition to many predictions, the digital age hasn’t replaced the print or the web industries. Those industries are not dying; instead they are changing and adapting to the new demands.
Issuu is an online platform that enables anyone, from independent creators to global brands, to share, measure and monetize their digital content. With over 100 million unique visitors per month, Issuu is the world’s largest digital discovery and publishing platform.